Freedom For Whales

Exposing the dirty little secrets behind whale and dolphin captivity. ”My point is simple: these incredible animals deserve better. They don’t deserve cleaner water or more trainers. They deserve freedom." If you want only Cetacean posts, be sure to blacklist "not cetacean" and "personal" :)

This is Stolen Orca “Corky”, incarcerated in $eaWorld San Diego.
Born in 1966 (or thereabouts) she, like Tokitae, has been held captive for decades.
I don’t know if she has a name that wasn’t issued to her by $eaWorld, but she has an ID which immediately identifies her as a wild caught Orca.
She is A-16.
She belongs back in the ocean. Maybe never to swim free, but to feel, see and hear the world she was born into and designed to live, breed, hunt and end her days in



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