Freedom For Whales

Exposing the dirty little secrets behind whale and dolphin captivity. ”My point is simple: these incredible animals deserve better. They don’t deserve cleaner water or more trainers. They deserve freedom." If you want only Cetacean posts, be sure to blacklist "not cetacean" and "personal" :)
Why is it that as soon as [Captive Orca] release gets mentioned, seemingly intelligent people suffer from deaf, blind and slightly daft?
Rehabilitating them back to the environment they have evolved to live in is exploitative? How?? We don’t advocate returning them to the wild overnight. Nor do we suggest that they all return. We simply ask that they feel the ocean on their skin, swim in the current of their natural surroundings and learn to be an Orca. Not a circus clown. Or a breeding machine.
Due to the inadequate care and attention paid to the captive Orca, many of them cannot return to the sea to be completely wild and free, but that does not mean they cannot be rehabilitated to a sea pen, to live out their lives in retirement, away from the gormless public and their self-gratification.
How is giving an animal what it deserves and needs exploitative? Depriving it is far far worse.
Carol Currier
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