Freedom For Whales

Exposing the dirty little secrets behind whale and dolphin captivity. ”My point is simple: these incredible animals deserve better. They don’t deserve cleaner water or more trainers. They deserve freedom." If you want only Cetacean posts, be sure to blacklist "not cetacean" and "personal" :)

Contest to win a brand new DVD copy of “Blackfish”

Thank you for all of your suggestions everyone! I’ve decided to do an art/writing contest.

To submit a piece, you can either submit the piece to my page, or you can post the art to your profile and tag it #FFWContest (more preferable)

Anything is game, from photos of a sculpture you made, to a painting, to a digital drawing, to an essay you wrote for school.


1. The piece must be cetacean related. It doesn’t necessarily have to have an anti cap theme to it, as long as it is about cetaceans.

2. You can only submit one piece of art or writing. If you submit more I will only take the first piece you submitted for judging.

3. There isn’t a limit or minimum of how long the writing should be if you choose to go that route; just make sure it’s not a novel or something. It can be an essay, short story, or a poem.

4. The contest starts TODAY and will end on JANUARY 5TH. Have fun!

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